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Getting Started with Dashboard

Juggernaut Point of Sale (POS) that runs not only on the web but on tablet also ( supports Android/iOS devices) Smart features, like inventory management and sales reporting and analytics to magnify your business potential

Reporting and insight should lead to better business decisions.The dashboard is designed to track your sales in real-time and get the metrics that matter with point of sale reporting from Juggernaut POS.

At the left pane we get an overview of all the modules which help in tracking activities related to POS. At the top right corner we have General profile settings and information. Adjacent to it there is a bell icon which notifies us for updates.

On main dashboard we have :

  • Total customer visit today
  • Total customer visit this month
  • Average order basket size

Bar graph for Sales over 30 days and Sales data (Item category wise sales data) weekly and monthly basis.

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